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Happy 40th Birthday to Sydney Tower!

  • Wednesday September 22nd 2021


Today marks the 40th Anniversary of Sydney’s iconic building, Sydney Tower!

Doesn't matter if it's sunny or rainy, day or night - Sydney Tower has been watching over us since the official opening on 23rd Sep 1981!

Here're some of the highlights at the Sydney Tower Eye across the years! Were you in any of these with us?


Sydney’s tallest building has earned itself a variety of names over the years from Centrepoint Tower (which was never an official name on paper) to the AMP Tower and everything in between! Today, however, the tower is simply called Sydney Tower with the top section of the tower known as Sydney Tower Eye, Sydney’s ultimate viewpoint showcasing 360-degree views of Sydney and beyond.

Over the years Sydney Tower Eye has played centre stage to many memorable millstones:

  • 1980: The cast of ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ pose on the top of Sydney Tower to promote the movie. Image here
  • 2000: Home of the Olympic sculptures as a ‘monument’ of the city
  • 18 October 2005: Sydney’s highest outdoor adventure SKYWALK opens (cost $3.75 million to construct, four years to design and two months to build)
  • 2012: Australia’s Highest Wedding Ceremony held on SKYWALK at Sydney Tower Eye
  • 2015: The World Record for ‘Longest Live Streamed Kiss’ took place on SKYWALK at Sydney Tower Eye
  • Home to the Sydney Stair Challenge – the charity event which sees hundreds of people race up 1,504 steps to the top of the Sydney Tower Eye

Curious to know what the TV commercials look like for Sydney Tower (Centrepoint) 40 years ago? Time to throw back:


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