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‘Ahh Sydney!' Moment: Where to see the Sydney Skyline

  • Friday December 13th 2019
  • Sydney skyline

Tower From Afar

Visiting each of Sydney’s treasures in their own rite is enlightening, but putting some distance between you and the skyline will give you a fresh perspective of this stellar city. Here are 6 places where you can take in the cityscape.

Centennial Park

This large, public green space has been a pretty part of Sydney for a long time. An inner-city spot to stop and take a breath, here you’ll find people walking dogs, riding horses, cycling, blading, skating, running and generally loving life. You’ll feel far from the city, but from some places within the park, you can make out the city glimmering on the horizon. It’s a beautiful place for a big view.

McCallum Pool

This cute pocket of Sydney offers a swim with a view. Surround by a little picket fence, this pool has a wooden deck with an outdoor shower; rinse off with an outlook. See an astounding view of the skyline as it spreads out before you. There's a lovely walk around Cremorne Point where you can stroll before picnicking with a vista. 

Pyrmont Bay Park

Across the road from the Star casino, this grassy space boasts garden beds and plenty of places to sit. Hit the boardwalk that follows the harbour edge for a unique view of of the glittering skyline. Save your trip here until it gets dark; that's when this perspective shines. 

Mrs Macquaries Chair

Carved by convicts in 1810, this sandstone seat was made for Governor Lachlan Macquarie's wife, Elizabeth. This is the 'money shot' city view; taking in both the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. It's a charming, secluded spot where the diamond-gleaming ocean makes the skyline look more stunning. 

Camp Cove

Not far from Watsons Bay lies this intimate and postcard-perfect beach. The water is smooth and calm, and the secluded nature of this place will make you feel a million miles from the CBD. But there it is in the distance; faint and far away, see the cityscape in all it's glory while suspended in the sea. For the prettiest picture – get the little wharf house in your shot.

Macquarie Lighthouse

Located on Dunbar Head in Vaucluse, this lovely landmark is a luminous place to view the Sydney skyline. See the light and have a look around the lighthouse keeper's and assistant's cottages. Ascend the 100 stairs to the lantern room where you'll see Australia's longest-standing operational navigation light; working from 1818, until today. While you're up there, look back to the cityscape; it's a one-of-a-kind view. 

Sydney Tower Eye

Turn this theme on its head and get within a skyscraper! So you've seen the Sydney skyline from several perspectives – now's the time to experience the joy a 360-degree, bird' s-eye view of the city's landmarks and icons from the sky. As the highest point in the city, see Sydney life from 250 metres above street level. Try and point out the places where you stood looking back at the cityscape.