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Artist on Deck!

  • Tuesday May 8th 2012
  • Sydney Tower Eye

Sunset Observation Deck Interior Sydney Tower Eye

We had the pleasure of having Louise Beck at Sydney Tower Eye this week. She spent some time taking in the sights from the Observation Deck and painting the best view of Sydney.

Louise Beck, from Balmain in Sydney, has been painting for 15 years. She started her career as teacher, teaching English and History to kids with learning difficulties. Then after teaching went to Julian Ashton Art School (impressionist painter) one of the oldest art schools in Australia at The Rocks.

Her style is a unique one, "I am a colourist with strong brush strokes. I don't aim to be photographic in my portraiture or glass work. Going more towards a surreal quality, challenging the viewer as to what am I looking at - am I looking through a window or at a reflection in a window."

When asked what was her inspiration for painting from the Sydney Tower, she said "I love the Tower, I have fallen in love with it, it has become synonymous with Sydney, bright and strong and growing. The Tower almost has an organic quality to it - as if it's growing."

We'll reveal her impression of the best view of Sydney shortly.

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