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Guided tours in Sydney - Sydney Tower Skywalk

  • Monday January 6th 2020
  • SKYWALK, guided tours

Jumping On Skywalk 1200X628

If you think Sydney is a beautiful city, wait until you see it from above! Here’s how to step out into the open air, hundreds of metres above the city streets, for the view of a lifetime.

The Eye in the SKY

Looking for the highest, guided tour in Sydney? You’ll find it 268 metres above the city streets, at the top of Sydney Tower. The tower is one of the most familiar shapes on the Sydney CBD skyline, looking a bit like a top hat on a long pole. Before you go up the tower, visit the 4D cinema, then proceed to the summit and indoor observation deck, which are included in your admission. But the real fun begins on a Sydney Tower Eye SKYWALK tour! This is your chance to step out into the open air, higher than any other building in the city. At the start of your 90-minute tour, you’ll be suited up, and harnessed in, for complete comfort and safety. Then, your friendly guides will lead you outside onto the metal walkway. As you take those first few steps, expect the feeling of freedom to be intense! The sensation of the breeze and sunlight on your face brings a visceral element to your experience. You don’t just see and hear, you feel the power of the journey, right from the start.

Hello Views!

Expect to see a lot from your eagle-eye vantage point in the sky. To the east lies the iconic Bondi Beach, with Manly Beach to the north, and between them, the harbour flows into the ocean. The sight of Sydney Harbour from above will be one of the highlights of your tour. The multiple channels gleam in the sun, from the Parramatta River, all the way to ‘The Heads,’ where the harbour meets the sea. Ferries chug from shore to shore, and trains cross the Sydney Harbour Bridge like silver threads. To the west, the Blue Mountains rise in a line, their famous blue tinge clearly visible. From this height, you can understand how lucky Sydney is to have so much ‘green space,’ thanks to the vast swathes of National Park to the north, south and west.

Walking on Air

Now it’s time to step out onto our SKYWALK glass platform. Your brain and body will think you’re walking on air! Once you’ve recovered from the initial rush of adrenaline, look around in awe at what you can see. Wave to the people below, salute the sun, make a wish upon a passing cloud – this is your big moment in the sky. Don’t worry – we’ll take photos for you with the city literally beneath your feet. See people hurrying through the CBD getting their important business done, while you leisurely soak up the best view in Sydney.

90-minutes, 360-degrees, 268 metres high: the numbers add up to the most thrilling guided tour in town. We’ll be waiting to show you the sights, on a SKYWALK Tour at Sydney Tower Eye.