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Highest Wedding

  • Thursday August 9th 2012
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The Sydney Tower Eye

We're quite versatile here at the Sydney Tower Eye, and our team, very much soft at heart.
Over the years we've had almost 200 proposals, 2 engagements and speed dating (outside the Tower)!

In conjunction with Take 5 Magazine, we've offered a special reader the chance to have the Highest Wedding on the SKYWALK - 268 metres above street level.

Their backdrop will be exhilarating views of Sydney and beyond as they walk outside the tallest building in Sydney!

We'll share the details of the lucky couple in the next few weeks. Like us on Facebook to keep updated!

Loved up but not ready for marriage? Show someone you love them on a SKYWALK, nothing beats the crisp fresh air on top of CBD streets whilst looking out on to the best city in the world. Tres romantic.