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Making the 4D Movie

  • Tuesday February 21st 2012
  • Sydney Tower Eye

Tower view in Observation Deck

As part of the Sydney Tower Eye experience, we include an awesome 4D movie, which all guests get to enjoy in the specially-built 4D Cinema prior to entering the lift up to the Observation Deck.

The movie is included in the entry price and acts as a taster to whet the appetite of our guests before they soak up the sights of Sydney at the top of the tower.

The movie is the first of its kind to be shot and produced in Australia, and since we opened our doors in late September 2011, tens of thousands of people have watched it.

Some facts about the making of the movie...

  • Filming took place over a 4 week period
  • Filming was scheduled to coincide with the Vivid Festival which takes place every year in Sydney
  • Over 40 crew were involved on the 3D Film shoots
  • The specialist 3D production teamcame all the way from the UKto make the film
  • A specialist 3D aerial rig was designed and built from scratchto film the aerial sequences and special permission had to be granted to fly low over the Opera House and Sydney Tower
  • It took over 100 takes and 4 hours of filming to get the shark shot- and this was only when a brave member of the Sydney Aquarium team held a fish behind the camera to lure the sharks who hadn't been fed for days!
  • The rainbow lorikeet was chosen because of its colourful feathers and cheeky countenance. You'll see the lorikeet throughout the video.