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The Best Time To Visit Sydney

  • Thursday January 2nd 2020
  • Sydney

Cityview Drone

People often ask ‘When is the best time to visit Sydney?’ We always assure them Sydney is stunning in any season, whatever the weather! Local indigenous people observe up to seven seasons annually, but for the sake of simplicity, let’s divide the year into 4.

Spectacular Summer

Sparkling blue skies, warm ocean and endless sunshine. Summer in Sydney is the time locals come out to play; eating, swimming and socialising outdoors. Sydney Festival provides exciting cultural experiences, and the beaches are packed. Sweltering days are often followed by an intense thunderstorm or dramatic cool change known as a Southerly Buster, which roars up the coast, dropping temperatures in minutes. But don’t worry – this is Sydney! Locals take it in their stride. You don’t have to think too hard about what to do in Sydney in summer. It’s when the city is at its absolute best.

Balmy Autumn

Sydney autumns are long and lingering, like summer part 2. It’s common for beaches to remain busy well into Easter. Not until May do things cool down. Despite the relative warmth, it can also be a rainy time, with low-pressure systems bringing moisture. Sydneysiders don’t mind – we always need the rain! It’s beautiful to see the moody grey harbour and the steely presence of the Harbour Bridge. Take a waterproof coat and jump on a ferry to get the full effect.

Woolly Winter

Winter is chilly but not seriously cold, and in late winter it can be quite windy. If you’re from the northern hemisphere, you’ll probably laugh as Sydneysiders wrap up in woollen hats and puffer jackets as soon as the temperature dips below 20 degrees celsius! Days are often clear and sunny, and it’s a great time to explore on foot. If you can get out into the national parks in late winter, you’ll find many native plants already flowering.

Spring Sighs

Sydney breathes a sigh of relief as spring swings around. The days are warmer, and flowers burst into bloom. Parks and private gardens feature a mix of native and European varieties. So, you’ll see delicate pink azaleas blooming alongside vibrant grevillea flowers, sticky with nectar. Follow the chatter of the local Rainbow Lorikeets to discover the best flowers!

All Seasons in the Sky

One of the best ways to experience all the seasons in Sydney is from above, at Sydney Tower Eye. From a height of 250 metres, the city is laid out below you like a blanket. In summer, thousands of yachts sail the harbour. Autumn features bright red deciduous trees amongst the khaki-coloured bushland. Winter’s air clarity helps you see further. And in spring, spot thousands of Jacaranda trees, fiery with purple blossoms, all across the lower north shore and inner suburbs. Not only is Sydney Tower Eye an all-season event, but it’s also an all-weather event too. No matter what’s happening outside, you’ll enjoy the most amazing views. And if it gets seriously stormy, the ‘All-Weather Promise’ means you can reschedule for a future date. So, don’t miss seeing Sydney in all its glory, from its highest point. And to answer the initial question about the best time to visit Sydney – we’d say… how ‘bout now?