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Transit of Venus - 6th June 2012

  • Monday June 4th 2012
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The term 'once in a lifetime' is often used loosely, but on this occasion it is in fact true. The Transit of Venus is upon us and this is your only opportunity to witness this remarkable event. Miss it, and you'll be kicking yourself, as the next transit of Venus won't occur until December 2117 then December 2125! Hmmm… do the math.

On Wednesday 6th June, the first contact will be made at 8:16 am followed by the second at 8:34am. From 9:00 am take a trip up to The Sydney Tower Eye Observation deck - the closest indoor viewing platform to the skies over Sydney - and experience this incredible transition. The maximum transit will take place at 11:30am, followed by the third contact at 2:26pm and the last contact at 2:44pm.

We want you to enjoy your experience, therefore it is important to remember that you should protect your eyes by using solar binoculars or special solar glasses when viewing this phenomenon. According to The Sydney Observatory, this is 'probably only the 8th transit of Venus ever seen by humans', so don't miss out!

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