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Waterfront and Waterviews: 6 Best Spots in Sydney

  • Thursday November 7th 2019
  • Sydney

20 Sydney Tower

Sydney is all about water and water views. Then, when you think you’re done with the neverending vantage points around the glittering harbour, there are even more waterfront wonders to tick off your very long list. Here are 6 quintessential Sydney spots that’ll leave you wondering how one city can have so many sweeping vistas.

Mrs Macquarie's Chair

One of the great Sydney spots, this iconic sandstone rock sits right on the point. In 1810, the stone was made into a seat by convicts for the wife of Governor Macquarie. As the story goes, Mrs Macquarie liked to sit here and ponder the pretty panorama as ships sailed into Sydney. These days, it’s a must-visit position where you can take a photo of Sydney’s gems; in one spectacular shot.

Circular Quay

From this central spot, you can see both The Opera House and The Harbour Bridge. As well as being the heart of the city, it’s also a transport hub; you can watch ferries, trains and buses come and go. See the white sails of the Opera House, which from a distance is a gorgeous sight. But, don’t forget to get closer to see some of the incredible detail in this extraordinary structure. ‘The Quay,’ as the locals call it, is also a great place to ponder The Harbour Bridge. Known affectionately as ‘The Coathanger,’ by Sydneysiders, this span is lovely from afar, but the real joy is in walking across it.

Observatory Hill

If there’s one place you must go, it’s here. This unassuming little hill offers some drop-dead divine aspects of Sydney. From the rotunda, look out for a unique mix of contemporary and heritage Sydney. For an exceptional experience, climb the hill just before dusk; known as ‘the golden hour,’ an incredible soft light falls over the city, and it’s sure to wow you in spades.

Luna Park

This broad, smiling face is a Sydney treasure. Right on the water, you can visit this Art Deco amusement park and sit on the Ferris Wheel for a fantastic Sydney Harbour experience. As the thrill-seekers shriek around you, this nostalgic park in Milson’s Point spot is an out-of-the-ordinary spot to take in the city’s beautiful waterways.

Barangaroo Reserve

This 6-hectare park on the water is greened with over 65,000 trees, palms, ferns, shrubs and other species which have all been native to Sydney region in the last 200 years. Walk around the terraced gardens and take in the lovely feel and Harbour views. From this piece of paradise, you can see Goat Island, Balls Head Reserve, Pyrmont and The Harbour Bridge.

Sky High

If you want one spot where you can take in a unique view of Sydney’s waterways, the only way is up. Sydney Tower Eye is the city’s highest point, and the perspective that comes with it is like no other. Get a 360-degree view of the harbour city; spend as long as you like working out how all the waterways connect and weave through Sydney. The view from here is spectacular at any time of day, but as the last place to see dusk, it’s damn near dazzling!