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Teacher Resources

Choose from the following resources, with activities your students can complete onsite on a visit to Sydney Tower Eye. 

STE Calendar Screenshot

FREE 2023 Calendar

A quick and easy reference for celebrated days in Sydney, fun facts of the Sydney Tower, and sunset times of each month - ideal opportunities to source great content to boost your lesson plans, plus the calendar is a great tool for planning your next school excursion! 

Download Here

Challenge your students to the Sydney Eye Trivia game!

A fun trivia game that will test your knowledge of Sydney! Inspired by what you can see from up on the Sydney Tower Eye Observation deck, the questions cover all four regions of Sydney. Get students to test themselves and see who is the ultimate Sydney quiz champion (no phones allowed!)

Sydney Trivia Quiz Image

Download Sydney's Highest Trivia Quiz here! 

Don't forget to download the answers...

Sydney Tower Eye Facts!

Everything you need to know about the size and construction of the Sydney Tower in one handy sheet! 

Sydney Tower Eye Fact Sheet

Download the Fact Sheet here!

Student Worksheets

Sydney Tower Eye's resources are based on the Australian curriculum so that your class can learn and have fun at the same time. With 3 - 5 activities per stage, students will engage in lessons from maths, history, geography and more.

Early Stage One

Stage One

Stage Two - General

Stage Two - Building Towers

Stage Two - Places & Spaces

Stage Three - General

Stage Three - Ever-changing City Worksheet